In stock, made to order, pre-order or fulfilment - what works when?

We explore four key selling strategies to help you determine which works best for different scenarios.

in stock made to order pre-order fulfilment

Choosing the right selling option for your wholesale business can significantly impact your efficiency, customer satisfaction, and bottom line. Here, we explore four key selling strategies—In Stock, Made to Order, Pre-Order, and Fulfillment—to help you determine which works best for different scenarios.

In Stock

When to Use It:

High Demand Products: Keeping popular items in stock ensures quick delivery, meeting customer expectations for fast shipping.

Predictable Sales: For products with consistent sales volumes, maintaining inventory minimizes stockouts and lost sales.

Immediate Availability: Ideal for retailers who need products ready for immediate dispatch.


Quick Turnaround: Faster shipping times can enhance customer satisfaction.

Reliability: Reduces the risk of backorders and delays.

Competitive Edge: Instant availability can be a significant selling point against competitors.

Made to Order

When to Use It:

Custom Products: Perfect for personalized or bespoke items where customers have specific requirements.

Limited Inventory Space: Reduces the need for extensive storage facilities by manufacturing items as orders are received.

Niche Markets: Works well for specialized markets with unique demands.


Customization: Offers customers unique, tailor-made products.

Reduced Waste: Minimizes excess inventory and associated storage costs.

Flexibility: Easily adapt to changing trends and customer preferences.


When to Use It:

New Product Launches: Ideal for gauging demand before committing to full-scale production.

Seasonal Items: Effective for seasonal products where demand peaks at certain times of the year.

Limited Editions: Builds hype and ensures that limited-edition items are sold before production.


Demand Forecasting: Helps in understanding market demand before production.

Cash Flow Management: Generates revenue upfront, improving cash flow.

Customer Engagement: Creates anticipation and excitement among customers.


When to Use It:

E-commerce Businesses: Essential for online stores needing efficient order processing and shipping.

Outsourcing Needs: Suitable for businesses wanting to outsource storage, packing, and shipping operations.

Scalability: Helps businesses scale operations without investing in additional infrastructure.


Efficiency: Streamlines operations, allowing businesses to focus on core activities.

Cost Savings: Reduces overhead costs associated with warehousing and logistics.

Professional Handling: Ensures orders are processed and delivered by experts, enhancing customer satisfaction.


Each selling option—In Stock, Made to Order, Pre-Order, and Fulfillment—offers unique advantages depending on your business model, product type, and market demands. In Stock is excellent for high-demand products needing quick delivery, Made to Order suits customized items, Pre-Order helps gauge demand and manage cash flow, and Fulfillment is perfect for scalable, efficient e-commerce operations. Understanding when to use each strategy can optimize your wholesale business, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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