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Company accounts

Set up and customize your company profile with multiple shipping locations and team user permissions.

Customer-specific product access

Tailor your customers buying experience according to your brand's visibility requirements.

Shareable drops

Create unique shareable links for customers or customer groups to orchestrate the spreading of your products.

Discounts & price lists

Set customer-specific discounts and prices, and work with multiple currencies.

Net payment terms

Set your wholesale prices in net terms and show MSRP calculations in real-time.

Custom product attributes

Customize your order process by adding custom data fields to your product data.

Easy reordering and pre-order mix

Encourage recurring sales by making it easy for customers to reorder frequently.

Order drafts

Work with shareable order drafts with the ability to review and approve orders for buyers.

Self-serve buying

Scale your ordering with a self-serve onboarding and buying process for customers and sales reps.

Scale globally

Reach your global base of wholesale customers with simple, all-in-one process and mulitple currencies.

Sales reps as teammembers

Add sales reps, sales agencies and distributors to your account and collaborate on ordering at global scale.

Custom B2B solutions

Learn more about the customizations we offer, or build the custom solution your business needs with our public API.

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